Its been sometime I have been working with Ruby and Rails. It was more of Ruby and less of Rails until now. We are building a restful service in rails that would be called by Java. It was this opportunity that made me look at The Rails Way by Obie Fernandez. I must admit I got caught right from the beginning. I am in the second chapter now and the author knows what he is talking about. I would not recommend this book for a person who is starting on Rails but this is a keeper for any Rails reference. (thats what I think so far). I took a glance at the part where he talks about nginx. Not much on that either. I think it would be best to use “Agile Web Development with Rails” to begin with, this book as a reference and Ezra’s book for deployment. (my two cents).

The part that I like most in the introduction is where Obie mentions the problems being faced in enterprise software development (Legacy Systems, Business Analysts, resistant managers, politics). There are two solutions to these problems. The first is to play safe and the second is an alternative to the first one. Here is what he says —

That alternative is being exceptional ! It starts with productivity. I am talking about being so obviously effective at your job that nobody will ever be able to scapegoat you, to the extent that it would be political suicide to try.

The first two chapters talk about configuration and controllers. Each part in that chapter has some information that is new to me. Not being an expert in Ruby and Rails has made me jump back and forth between this book and the ones from Pragmatic Programmers. But, so far I have enjoyed reading it.