It has been three days that I have been at JavaOne 2008. I had been waiting to attend this conference for a long time and here is a small review of what I have experienced so far.

The Good
* Looking at the huge crowd , I believe that the people at JavaOne have done a good job at the arrangements.(except at some places…read on).
* Directions, guidance, maps really helped.
* Arrangements on the General Sessions were excellent.

The Bad
* Too many choices. Pavilion, Technical Sessions, Hands on labs, Birds of a feather and more. I wanted to attend all of them, but most of them overlapped and I had to pick the best. Reminds me of The Paradox of Choice.
* Sitting area for lunch was not adequate and the special choice(Vegetarian) food ran out on Tuesday.

The Ugly
* Wireless service was next to none. Every time I tried to get online I got a ‘page not found’ error.
* Some of the presentations were completely unprofessional. The organizers could do a much better job in filtering out the speakers. I felt that the quality of presentations at No Fluff Just Stuff is much better that at JavaOne.

Here are some of the presentations that I liked:

More “Effective Java” by Joshua Bloch
MySQL cluster and Java Technology by Monty Taylor
Practical Applications of Static Java Technology-Based bytecode analysis and transformation by Misko Hevery and Eugene Kuleshov
Improving Application Performance with Monitoring and Profiling Tools by Jaroslav Bachorik and Gregg Sporar
Java Management Extensions(JMX) technology update by Jean-Francois Denise; Eamonn McManus

Things I liked on the Pavilion:

Amazon‘s brain teasers.