Its been a while that I have been trying to set up a development environment on my box at home. One of the challenges was using MySQL. (Its not that there is anything wrong with MySQL; its more of a procrastination problem with me. 🙂 to move to something other than Oracle. I have been working on Oracle for sometime and I was keen on getting the same environment for my development at home.)

I tried Oracle Express Edition today and was amazed at its simplicity. I was up and running with some sample code in a couple of hours. I downloaded the deb package on my Ubuntu and the installation was as easy as clicking the package and running this command sudo /etc/init.d/oracle-xe configure
Here is a good article that spells out some details. But it was way easier for me. Once all the ports were configured and the database server installed , the management was easy. I used url to get to the admin screen.(use the same ports that you specify when configuring the server) Creating users, configuration was all intuitive.

There is a tasks menu on the right side of the page that shows a link “Manage Http Access”. If you enable remote access by going to that page, the admin panel can be accessed from any other system remotely.

I couldn’t get the PL/SQL developer to work on the client machine to talk to the server, but SQL Developer did not give me any problems. PL/SQL Developer had problems with the tnsname but SQL Developer worked. Not sure why. Here is the tns configuration I used: (Got it from here)

XE =
hostname)(PORT = 1521))

And this is the connection url that I used from my application code:
jdbc: oracle:thin:@hostname:1521:XE

Now that I have a new playground, I hope to add more to my blog soon.

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